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Gisella Perl was forced to work as a doctor in Auschwitz concentration camp during the holocaust.

She was ordered to report ever pregnant women do the physician Dr. Josef Mengele, who would then use the women for cruel experiments (e.g. vivisections) before killing them.

She saved hundrets of women by performing abortions on them before their pregnancy was discovered, without having access to basic medical supplies. She became known as the “Angel of Auschwitz”.

After being rescued from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp she tried to commit suicide, but survived, recovered and kept working as a gynecologist, delivering more than 3000 babies.


College kids

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My relationship with my followersMe: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.
Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.


sorry sir, we don’t have the facilities for a cat scan, but we can certainly get you a lab report

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made and posted these all over my school… my gender study’s teacher was really happy ⭐️⭐️⭐️

based off the post made by punkbeds and elaborated by skelebrina

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Rape isn’t about uncontrollable sexual desire. You only have to listen in on a Call of Duty game to see that. When that kid crows, “I raped you!”, he’s not calling the other guy sexy; he’s saying he defeated him, dominated him, humiliated him. That’s what rape is about, and that should scare you.

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